Friday, January 14, 2011

Getting Back On The Diet Bandwagon

This week and last my friends Umu and Yolanda have urged 
me to get back into shape with them at the gym with Zumba. 
I started doing it last year for 2 or more classes then stopped
because I couldn't go that far to the Zumba classes that every
one else was going to. I'm now making it in to the one just 
a couple of blocks away with a Free 7 day pass. 

Right now it's not in the budget to attend the classes. So after
the 7 day period, I'm going to resort to watching them on 
YouTube and following along there until I can buy it on Wii
and do it anytime here at home. I was so glad to find out that
today through fellow blogger Renee that Zumba came out for
Wii during the holidays or something like that. 

I gained like 8 pounds or so during the holidays and I'm now
willing to part ways with all the extra baggage and love handles
that I've been lugging around...about 150 pounds.

I've been drinking more water about a gallon a day according
to my weight. It was hard at first but it's been getting easier by
the day. The kids love that I've been going to the gym. Every
time we pass it my 6 yo asks if I plan on going that day and 
to take her along too. They're pretty good at keeping me in 
check. The other day Loni came in to the kitchen while I was
eating my salad and he says, "You know, Dr. Oz said that it's
healthier to eat a peanut butter & jelly sandwich than eating a
salad!" I was shocked and started laughing..then I asked him
where he got that from and he said that he once saw it the 
Dr. Oz show.  Gotta love these kids. They say the darndest 

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