Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I really enjoyed this past weekend with my family 
watching & listening to General Conference and 
catching the last of the Walgreen's Deals..
But now I'm back and buckling down to finish up
the reviews that need to be done and getting ready
to receive my packages to help me through the
House Parties I'll be launching this month through

If you like throwing bbq's and having your friends
& family over, then try hosting a house party
Choose from several that are currently accepting 
applications. Here's a list of the current parties 
that are available. You can only apply once per 
party and then await the results by email. 

  • Windows® 7 Launch Party ( 17 days away) 
  • Ford Taurus Game Day House Party (12 days away) 
  • Sargento Finishers Great Create After Party

The response time is really quick. So far I'm 
signed up to host these awesome parties coming 
up in my home with my friends and family. It's a
good way to sample these products with your 
friends and share it on your blog with everyone


Jane @ Finding Fabulous said...

Wow...that's a cool idea! Thanks for sharing and have fun!

Puanani503 said...

Hi Jane:) no problem! Have fun on yours..I can't wait to get the packages and do the gift bags for my guests!!