Sunday, October 25, 2009

Trip to Dentist

This Friday morning I woke up and got the 
two younger ones ready for their 
second dental appointment downtown.

As we're making our way down the steep
hill from our house, I'm driving slow 
and trying to get the windows defogged, 
it's pouring like crazy outside and I'm trying
not to get too close to the big concrete truck 
on my right side, when a small silver car
right behind the concrete truck tries to 
maneuver it's way past the truck and in front
of me. it's moving too fast and I'm trying
to move forward out of it's way when the
car comes slamming into my right 
passenger side door in the front, I think the
driver was trying to hit the breaks. The
kids are screaming and I tell them to sit 
tight and don't move. We're sliding down the
hill with it still hooked at my side and the 
concrete truck moving faster away from 

Thank goodness, we end up stopping 
at the light but we're in the middle of 
the intersection. So she gets out and asks
if we're ok and I tell her yes, we're fine. 

She apologizes and says, that she's on 
her way to school and was in a hurry & 
will grab her insurance information. 
I'm still a little dizzy and ask the kids if 
they are ok. Both are ok and just sit
there staring at me. I tell them to sit still 
while I get and look to see what's damaged
on my car. 

We exchange information and I end up 
calling the dental office to cancel the appt. 
So I turn around and head back home to 
get my insurance info and stuff..since we're
right down the road. 

I come back and she's gone, so I figure 
I'll just give her a call after I've gone to 
Geico to get their input on this situation. 

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