Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Princess Bling Cupcake Topper Project..

So instead of doing the ladybug cupcake toppers, I 
decided on doing Princess Tiara Bling Cupcake Toppers.
I know that one was a mouthful..

Here's a pic. of it before getting blinged out..I decided
to go with the smaller popsicle sticks because it would 
look better than the wide width ones. 

I've got the gold shimmer over shadowing the black
with a square multi-cut mirror underneath the tiara 
with either a pink or white bow (mini) 

will post that after pic. in a bit. This is cut at 2"in. on the C. Expressions. 
I used the new Household Decor Cartridge for this one. 

These are made from acid & lignin free cardstock. 



Very cute!!! have u tried to cut any fabric with ur machine? I want one so bad

Puanani503 said...

nope, I haven't yet..I'm still playing around with all the cardstock ideas:):)..I just loaded up on all the vinyl needed..but I haven't done any of that many ideas and not enough time..hoi. try getting it through hsn's bundle get more bang for your buck on that!! I hope you get's soooo worth it! Meliani is wanting one too..:)

yonca said...

They look very cute.

Puanani503 said...

Thanks, Yonca and Lia:) just trying out my hand at