Sunday, February 7, 2010

Girls Weekend Together

Girls having fun on Saturday shopping..
Hinalei, Nesi and Nataliana

This was a wonderful weekend for me and
my kids. My older kids came in from Salt

Well, just my daughters. My son had a
wrestling match today and wasn't able to
come. I miss him alot and told the girls

that they'll need to take back a care
package for him. Which is those big
plastic bins. 

My girls got here on Friday night 2/5th
at 11pm on standby. They told me as
soon as they got in the car that they're'
soo hungry and want to go and eat.
They were waiting for 8 hours at the 
airport in Salt Lake. My parents told
them to come back home and try to
come another day but they insisted on
waiting to make a flight to pdx

Portland. I'm really glad that they 
made it. 

We left the airport and headed straight for  
Jack in The Box and got them chicken sand
wiches with fries from the value menu. Then 
we got home and talked all night until they 
fell asleep. 

Saturday morning we woke up and headed 
out to go coupon shopping and hit up 3 different
stores. We had fun at Walgreens getting some 
free blood monitors and $10 cash back in Regi
ster Rewards.  


Leaving Fred Meyers, heading out to Safeway. pic. 2] Nataliana & Loni

We enjoyed our time together and went
to church today. The girls had fun at church
meeting up with their friends again. I don't
want them to go back but, I told them to 
come back again this upcoming Friday for
the Youth Valentines dance and this time
with their brother, Ami..

I'm worried about him, because my mom
told me that he's lost so much weight and
fears that he's not eating enough at the
house he's living at. I told her that I'm
making him a care package filled with cans
of chicken noodle soup, bottles of Powerade, 
2 boxes of popcorn, Ritz crackers, Quaker 
Granola bars, lots of cereal, a Derek Jeter 
Cologne Set, chapsticks, packs of apple sauce,
bag of Craisins, and more. I was hoping that we
wouldn't surpass the limit of 50 lbs per items
checked in. Yay for us, it was only 47 pounds. 

We cooked Teriyaki Chicken and Rice
for dinner before taking the girls back to 
the airport to catch the 5:45 flight back to SLC.
So the girls will be doing good and not be
starving at the airport. The ticket agent is
really sweet and let them go. Dropped them off 
and having a hard time saying bye. But we had
a group hug and I watched them disappear around 
the corner to run to their gates. Looking forward
to seeing them again next Friday. 


Alicia said...

What a sweet time you had with them! I'm sure it's just as hard for them to say goodbye too! At least you will see them again this Friday! If you don't mind me asking, are they living with their dad in Utah?


Girls time is the BEST!!! what a fun weekend u had with them!!!

yonca said...

What a fun weekend! Glad you had a great time with your kids.Beautiful pics!

Cascia said...

Looks like you had a great time!

Puanani503 said...

Thanks ladies!! It was fun while it lasted:):)