Thursday, February 4, 2010

Theta Mom Thursday - Catching Up on Shopping

Finally got some me time this morning. After
I dropped off my 6 yo at school. We were run
ning low on cereal and snacks for the kids in 
the kitchen. So I drove up to West Linn's 
Albertsons to stock up on the Quaker Deal 
that had ended on Tuesday. [I got 2 rainchecks
for the Quaker Cereals & Quaker Chewy Bar]


My good friend Yolanda picked me up Monday
night and we got there to empty shelves and 
no more Quaker Cereals and Chewy Bars which
is how I got the rainchecks. 

It was great going in and not having to worry 
about chasing after the kids. I got in and got 
my stuff and got out. So how much did I get? 
Let's just say, I think I'm covered on cereal 
for the whole year, I grabbed 25 boxes at $1
each when you buy 5 and then used the $3/5 
Quaker coupons which brought the cereals to
$10 for 25 boxes, same thing with the chewy 
bars, 5 for $5, got 35 boxes- [7] $3/5 coupons
and paid $14.00 OOP [out of pocket] for the 
chewy bars. total of $24.00..not so bad:)

Got back home and put the shopping away 
and relaxed after doing the laundry, by pain
ting my nails. Click on Theta Mom's button on 
the top to see how other Theta Moms are spending
their Thursday. 



SCORE!!!! glad u are stocked for the year =) love "me" time it's the best!!!

Puanani503 said...

yes, most definitely:):)