Saturday, February 13, 2010

Journal Entry for Friday 2/12

Got Loni ready for school and his Valentine's cards
[Harry Potter] and his treats bagged up ready to go
this morning. He came back from school a happy
camper and talking about how much fun he had.

My gums are finally healing up and I'm now able to start eating solid foods. It was
going crazy for 4 or 5 days not being able to eat like
everyone else in the household and as much as I'd
like to take my meds and sleep in. It wasn't happ

I lost about 6 pounds within the 5 days I was on
the liquids and soups only requirement. Today I
just went crazy on the white rice and hamburger
helper I made for the kids. Yes, I kinda regret it
after the fact. But, I actually felt full and knocked
out after.[not good]

I just put the kids to bed and just feel peaceful that
the house is quiet and I get to blog or blog hop for
about an hour or two [it's now been 3 hours] and
the dishes in the kitchen are calling my  name as
well as my coupons that are still spread out in the
living room on the couch. The bathrooms need to
be cleaned and I just can't stand to look at anything
right now.

It's now 1:05 am. I can't sleep and I'm thinking
about baking the brownies the kids kept asking me
to bake earlier [trying to avoid being around the
temptation] so that they can cut out heart brownies
for their dad for Valentine's day.

Finally paid our rent today since we got paid from
a job we did. So that takes some stress off my
list of things to get done. I got a load going in the
washer and one in the dryer. So far, so good.

Stepping away to go load up the dishwasher and   
get that going, while I put my coupons in  a shoe
box til' I get to it in a couple of hours.

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