Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Are You A Survivor?


I just posted up my review of The Survivors Club by Ben 
Sherwood on my other blog. I totally related to this book
from my own experience in Hawaii a while back. It's something 
that I had tried to forget about, but now know that God had
me stay a little longer and maybe there is something bigger
in store for me here on earth. 

Summer of 95' I was a 21 yo married mother of two. We
traveled to Hawaii for a 2 week summer vacation with
my ex-husband and older son, Ami and daughter, Tia to 
try working on saving our marriage. 

At the time we were separated and living in 2 states, the kids
and I in Utah and he worked & lived in Texas at American 
Airlines/ American Eagle. He came down and suggested that
we go to Hawaii and try to work it out. So we went. 

Things were good for the moment and the kids were enjoying
the visits to the beach and all. On the second week of our trip
we decided to take our last trip to the beach before we head
back to the mainland. 

We were sitting at a distance from the sand on the grassy area
and enjoying his 1st cousin's plate of bbq that he cooked for 
us. I decided to walk down to the sand and just watch the waves.
At the time they were posting up signs that big waves were 
coming in or something. I was a good distance away from the 
water so I thought I was safe. So I sat down to think about  
my marriage and if I wanted to save it or not. I knew for sure 
that I didn't love him anymore because of the physical beatings
and the mental abuse, I guess I really just wanted to get away
from work for two weeks to see what Hawaii was actually like. 

So I figured what my answer is going to be and I get up to 
head back to where everyone is sitting at on the grass. All 
of a sudden, I see everyone jumping up, screaming and waving
their hands and running towards me. I feel like something is
right behind me and as I look back, I see a huge towering
wave right above me and the next thing I knew, I was in it. 

I was fighting my way back to the shore but it took me back
so fast, I couldn't fight. Okay, it didn't help me that I didn't 
know how to swim and all I was doing was doggy paddles. 
I know..that sucked big time. I could see everyone from our
picnic area was on the shore and I thought, ok God, I'm  
ready to go..so I stopped paddling and just let go. 

Next thing I knew I washed up on the shore and my shirt  
was missing so my ex threw a towel on me quickly. I asked
what happened and everyone just said that I'm lucky to be 
alive. I sure was. I don't know what it was, just that God had
given me a second chance at life and that I had to do my best. 

Now I look back and know that I've come a long way and
have learned from that experience. Are you a Survior as well?
I'd love to hear your stories. Please link up to your Survivor  
Story only not the home page. Look forward to hearing from 

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Karen said...

I got pulled under the water once by a much smaller wave. Really scared me! It's such a helpless feeling.

yonca said...

Oh my gosh! I would be scared to death if i see a huge wave above me.

Puanani503 said...

It happened so fast, I didn't even have time to think if I was scared on that one..lol..thank goodness it's all behind me..whew..:)

Alicia said...

Oh yes, my friend! It was totally God. He was pushing you back to shore even when you surrendered. That's really a picture of how we should live our lives, totally surrendered to Him, and letting Him guide us. He can pull us away from death and destruction.