Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Organizing at Home...

Yes, this totally is how I feel this week.

One of the things that I wanted to do this
week is be more organized in all things and
have my family be on board with me. I find
that everyday I'm going through the same
routine of putting things away for my husband
and kids while trying to keep up with my
business, blogging and church callings.

Here's what I asked everyone to do, all the
way down to the youngest person in the house.

  • kids will put back their own books on shelf after reading. 
  • Mel [dh] place his work clothes in laundry hamper after work, instead of placing his clothes with concrete stains, etc. on cream colored carpet. 
  • no more shoes on the rug, leave them on tile at doorway. I am working on placing something cute at the door for everyone's shoes. 
  • No more eating in the rooms. I do not like finding dishes under the bed, shelves..ugghh..
  • I've switched us to eating from paper plates, to save on our water bill and less time washing dishes (meaning no more dry hands for me!)
  • Leave my office supplies alone and use their own supplies for school, etc. I don't know how many times I've had an important phone call and no pen in sight after filling up my cup of pens with new pens, markers & highlighters. See pic. below on how I want it to Does anyone know where I can purchase this?
  • Place the shoes on shoe racks in closet instead of floor and everywhere else.
 picture from apartment

I'll post up the before and after pics. in a little bit. 
I just had to get on and vent before cleaning up! 
How did your day go? Please feel free to comment
as much as you want! I could use some tips right 
about now...

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