Thursday, February 4, 2010

Visiting the Oral Surgeon

Yesterday I called the dental clinic and told them 
that my teeth were hurting and I needed to be seen.
So they told me to come in at 2pm. Great! I've been
missing my appointments and this time I finally made
it in. I overcame the fear and just went.

I checked in and waited for about 20 minutes til' I 
got called to go in. They took full xrays and told me
that they're going to remove 4 that day. I was happy 
because I hadn't been to the dentist in 6 years and  
it's been long overdue. 

They removed 2 of my wisdom teeth a molar and 
some other tooth. They asked me if I took drugs 
and I laughed and said, no. But that my fillings were
just coming out and that I never took care of it beca
use we didn't have insurance before. Sure we had  
the cash to pay for it..but I didn't take care of it. I 
didn't take my pre-natal vitamins when I was pregn
ant on the last 3 and that's when I started noticing 
the weak teeth and all.

So she numbs me up on both sides, we wait for about
5 min. then she goes in on the first one and can't seem
to get it out. Even though I'm numbed up I could still  
feel the pressure and it actually started hurting when 
she was struggling to pull it out. I just thought I was  
going to die in my chair and I thought, oh God just let
this whole thing be over with and I'll never eat another 
dessert again! 

The remaining teeth are removed with no problem. 
After stitching my gums up she told me to stay clear 
of solid foods for a couple of days and I'm thinking
it's all good if I'm going to shed a couple of pounds 
from that!

Later on last night I finally picked up my Vicodin to 
kill the pain and ended up going to sleep without  
taking them. So far, so good. I woke up and just 
didn't want to take them, because I had to many 
things to finish today & didn't want to be sleeping
most of the day. 


dymphna said...

cute cartoon....

happy friday follow

Alicia said...

Oh my gosh! I'm sure you are glad to have that all over with! Ouch!