Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day..Our contribution

Today is Earth Day and I am currently cleaning 
house with the two little ones. Loni doesn't have
school today, so I've recruited their help to recycle
all the magazines we don't need here and take them
out to the recycling bins:) Then I'll talk to them
about doing our part to help save the Earth. 
Afterwards, we'll head over to the mall and walk
around over there and burn off some calories! 

Last night I watched FitTV and learned all about
composting. I didn't understand what that was all
about and was really glad to have watched that.  
Since we live in an apartment complex we don't  
have the compost bins that homes do. So we're   
only able to take advantage of the recycling bins   
that they have outside for the paper, metals and

Here's what I've been doing to help the environment.

  • Wash the foil that has been used and reuse it or put it in the recyling
  • When taking showers I get in get wet, turn off the water, scrub, then rinse off. 
  • The kids are great at conserving water when brushing their teeth. They got from watching Sesame Street saying, the fishies need water too. So they don't leave the water running.
  • Unplug all appliances that are not being used, goes for chargers that don't have a cell phone being charged. 
  • When I take showers during the day I'll leave the door open so that way I'll just use the natural light coming in, instead of using the bathroom lights which uses 6 light bulbs. 
  • Converted to the CFL light bulbs to save energy. 
  • We go through 2 keyboards a year (kids gaming habits) for our computer and recycle that too. If you live in Oregon you can recycle your TV and computer at Oregon E-Cycles.
What are you doing on Earth Day? I'd love to read 
about it on your blogs:)

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