Saturday, April 10, 2010

Friday: Family Night Out...

Family Night Out at 
Clackamas Mall

Mel called me from his cell and said that
he wants to go and watch movies tonight
with the kids. I'm suspecting he's getting
hooked on taking us out
No complaints there..

The kids were excited when I gave them
the news and Nesi shouted, Diary of a
Wimpy Kid!! Loni said,'s going to
be, How to Train A Dragon in 3D!!

Mel laughed and let Loni choose and Nesi
got so frustrated and said that Loni got to
choose last time and we had to go and
watch Clash of The Titans..(which Loni
and I We assured Nesi that
for sure it's Diary of A Wimpy Kid on
Monday Night.

While we were eating there were two
guys sitting next to us at their table. They
weren't eating, just talking..when two
mall cops walked over to them and asked
to see their ID and asked them if they were
so and so..They were saying, no they said
that they had just moved from Reno and
the cop said he's lying and his records show
that he's been living in Oregon for 5 yrs. 

Then the cops proceeded to warn them
of people informing them that those two
are selling drugs to minors in the mens
bathroom. Yikes, I was hoping that no
fights were going to ensue from this. The
two young men were told if they're ever
caught they would be arrested and then
they left. I told dh to get the kids ready
and I went and emptied their trays so we
could leave to watch the that
was that...we had a fun time watching
the movie and can't wait to watch Karate
Kid with Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan
in June.


yonca said...

Glad you all had a great time together. Aria wants to see this movie too:)
Have a great weekend Puanani!

Alicia said...

Aww...what a blessing!! Family time is so important!!

I wanted to go to the movies tonight, but it's so cold and rainy!

Puanani503 said...

@Yonca- It's so awesome in 3D..I'd rather watch it without..because it's cheaper..but everyone wanted 3D and it did not disappoint! Great movie..Aria will love it as well:)
Hope you'll have a great weekend as well!

@Alicia- I think it's so important too and don't take any of it for granted now. If dh and the kids want to go..I'm all for long as homework and all housework has been try to cherish my time with the kids before they're grown and go off on their own. Hope you'll have a wonderful weekend:):)

Kepa & Muli 4-leta said...

aaaaaaaawwwwwwwwww! how fun! love to hear that family time! =0) just giggling about nesi and loni and their movies that they want to watch, hehehe...poor nesi! but im sure shes excited to watch her movie on monday ee? =0) so happy to hear that you all had great fun friday night! =0) thnks for the comments on my posts, maopa! =0) take care for now!

Puanani503 said...

Thanks Kepa! looking forward to visiting again:) Happy Monday!