Saturday, April 17, 2010

Getting Engaged...

Aunt Nipa and Siva

lol..I bet that one caught your attention! Nope
it's not baby sister is getting married.
She's the youngest one. I wish I got to be there
to help out and join in on the celebration.

But seeing the pictures are good enough for
me, for now. My sister told my mom that
her bf wants to come over and ask for her
hand the Tongan way (with his family). I've
never seen one done this way. So this will
be my first (through the pictures).

These are the pictures taken from last night.
When Ray and his family came
daughters, sisters and mom and aunties all
baked cakes from Thursday night into
Friday morning over 100 cakes to present
to the guy and his family. They came with
a huge pig, Tongan mats and other stuff to
present to our family as well..

My daughter Tia took these photos with
the Nikon I gave her for her birthday. So
far she loves taking pics. of everything
with it.
Ray (Siva's Fiancee) on the chair.

Front view

Siva from inside with our aunties and uncles 
hearing her Fiancee talk..or maybe his uncles. cute..the

Dad, aunt , Ray, Siva, aunt Nipa and Mom

~Siva and Ray~

Left-Ray's parents, Middle-Ray and Siva, 
Right- Mom and Dad..


Susie said...

That's really cool!! Congratulations on this wonderful event in your family:-)

Alicia said...

This was soooo cool to look at!! I love how it was so traditional too. It's not very common these days for the next generation to do it the way their culture did back in the day.


Love the pig!!

Puanani503 said...

Thanks, Susie and Alicia:) That pig was looks like it was a happy event:)

Sinai said...

Unfortunately I wasn't there to witness this beautiful occassion...I think my mom was there. Congrats to Siva and fiancee! Can't wait until the big day.

Kepa & Muli 4-leta said...

Awwwwwwwwwww. Thats so beautiful! I kept looking at the photos and reading for the part "mom and dad"...then I was awwwwwwwing and saying out loud, OMG, Maopa is beautiful just like her mom! =0) Your little sis looks so happy and so beautiful on that special engagement day, love it! =0) Thanks for the comment, Maopa, sorry haven't gotten around to phone calls, LOL, I just checked my phone last night, all my contacts and my notes and all my text messages I saved are deleted by my little ones, mani ee, LOL! I'll talk to you later, take good care and thanks again!

Puanani503 said...

@Sinai: yes, me too. I did see your mom in one of Meliani's pictures..There's so many.This is just a handful of what they took. I can't wait until their date: August 21st, 2010.

@Kepa: Thanks Kepa, I'm happy for my baby sis..just didn't think she'd tie the knot this was the type to say that she was going to do alot before she settled down. I guess she found it in her return missionary, Ray:) I heard he's a nice guy:)

Paul Wynn said...

Very interesting. I dig the culture. I'm from Portland and I have yet to see a wedding like that.

Puanani503 said...

thanks Paul:) they usually do it that way here I hear..