Friday, April 16, 2010

No Prize and 2 days of Accidents

Yesterday, I walked with Nesi to the bus stop
to pick up Loni. When the kids came out running
I usually see Loni is happy and running too. 
This time he didn't want to talk to us and just
started running away. I called after him to wait
for his sister as she's running after him. He 
didn't listen and even ignored his friends who 
were trying to talk to him. 
Loni on his happy days...

So I figured he probably had a bad day at 
school. Nesi couldn't catch up with him and 
ended falling face first on the sidewalk. She 
got up crying and I told her, "walking feet, 
no running feet, ok?' So she nodded her head
and just walked with me. 

Mel was at home and asked him, what's the
matter as he comes in and he doesn't say a 
word to his father and just starts crying on 
the couch. 

I asked him what happened at school and 
he said that he couldn't tell me. 

me: You can tell me anything..
Loni: You don't understand.
me: Yes, I will..go ahead.
Loni: I didn't get a prize from my teacher. 
Everyone else got one except for me. 
me: How do you earn a prize? Do you think
you earned one? 
Loni: Yes, I think I earned one. I've been
respectable and considerate this week and 
didn't get a yellow or red light. 
me: I'm sorry things didn't go good for you
at school. I know that you respect people
and their things and are considerate as well.
Loni: I'm so sad about it. 
me: Please just try to think happy thoughts
and ask teacher why you didn't get one. 
Maybe she forgot to give you one. 
Loni: It's not her. It's another lady at the 
school who passes out the tickets, if you're 

Last week, it was 2 days in a row where
he had to come home because he would
just wet his pants and that's not the Loni
I know. He goes when he has to here at
home and we've never dealt with that
problem here at home ever. The first day
he didn't want to explain it.
Second day I demanded (nicely) an
explanation as to why this is happening.
He finally broke down and cried, explaining
that the teacher won't let him go to the
bathroom and he couldn't hold it anymore.

That really ticked me off and I was ready
to call someone ih the office and give them
a piece of my mind. But somehow I calmly
asked Loni when does this happen and he
said, after recess is over and they're back
in class. Well, I could understand that. but
if the kid has to go..let him go.

So I tell Loni..when the recess bell goes
off, instead of running outside, head over
to the lavatory first to handle your business
before you go outside. So by the time you
come back in you've already gone to the
bathroom. He was happy and agreed to do
what I would tell him. Mel just looked at
me and sighed.."hope it works tomorrow"

I told him, don't worry, Loni has this
down, I know he'll do it. Next day, he
comes back and say, look no wet pants
today! Thank heavens for that..


Kepa & Muli 4-leta said...

Awwwwwww@LONI...well I almost cried at the part where he explains why he was so sad...poor thing! So proud of him towards the end where he returns home saying no wet pants, hehehe, awwwwww, I'd just hug 'em right now if I saw him, tell Loni, he's the BEST! Love his happy days photo! Very cute!

Puanani503 said...

Thanks Kepa! Glad to see you back! Hope you're doing awesome over there:) I'll stop by and visit:)