Monday, April 26, 2010

Journal Entry for Sunday, April 25th

Church was good, not alot of people showed up.
I got to watch over the beehive class and listen
to them go over their upcoming class activities.

Lani, Kat and I are planning on visiting the Eteaki
family this evening. We have three of their daughters
in our Young Women and the eldest is one of our
teachers. We pooled together $70 and a card to take.

After church I ended up baking 10 cakes and 2 large
pans of buns baked in sweetened coconut milk to take
with us to their family. Lani ended up going to the
hospital with her family to visit her father in law, so Kat
and I went for all of us. Their mother welcomed us in
and thanked us for coming by and visiting. We had a
wonderful time talking to her and her daughters and
asked her to call us anytime she needed help.

 We said our good byes and dropped Kat back at her
house and picked up the kids and finally headed home
after 10 pm. So tired when we got home..everyone just
hit the sack and got some good rest.


Kepa & Muli 4-leta said...

hey maopa! love the photos of the cakes and panipopo...delicious! and that was nice that you guys got to visit the eteaki family...wish i was at veni's funeral =0( he will always be remembered for the wonderful person he was...when i get better, we'll stop over to see mele and the kids...thanks for this post...good to be back on to hear what's new! take good care and ttyl!


Blissful Babe said...

Oh my word! Those rolls look amazing! All of that food looks amazing! NOMS!

Puanani503 said...

thanks Kepa and Blissful Babe:) I'll post up the recipes under the food page today. Happy Tuesday ladies!!