Saturday, January 30, 2010

Moving Up in AVON!!

Today started out as a pretty bad day
for me..maybe just because I felt like
I was crippled without my car. But, I  
felt like shouting for joy when my upline
called and congratulated me on making 
Certified Unit Leader with 7 ladies under
I thanked Barbara for always helping me
and mentoring me, not only her but our 
district sales manager, Pat..too:) I was in 
Avon a while back but never had mentors 
like these two and am very grateful for 
landing on their team. 

I received my first two bonuses, my first
$30 check for recruits, then another $60
just deposited into my bank account. I   
know it's not much, but it's got me so mo
tivated to help others achieve their dreams
while I go for my dreams as well. 
I'm really excited and shooting to make
President's Club by Campaign 7 - 8. 
Which means talking to more people and
sharing the Avon opportunity. Think I'm 
kidding? I ordered over 400 books for the
next campaign and will pass them all out.
Wish me luck! Want to join Avon? check my 
Email me: or text me
at 503.388.1831!! Here's a Avon Beauty Vid
that I really liked and wanted to post up.


yonca said...

Good luck! Whoever I talk, loves Avon products! I have a friend who sells Avon too. Hope you are having a great Sunday! Hugs!

Alicia said...

THat is wonderful!!! Even dollar is a blessing!!! Congrats to you!

Puanani503 said...

Thanks Yonca and Alicia!! I have a lot of nay sayers and people who doubt this is pushing me even more. I went as far as ordering a magnetic sign and 500 business cards from Vista print for only $5.99 and the s & h is $6.99. so that is still a great deal.


great job!! I LOVE AVON!!!