Thursday, January 28, 2010

Family Meeting

We actually had our first heart to heart, honest 
no holds barred family meeting tonight. It came 
about after my husband discovered my texts with
a couple of girlfriends who share the same prob
lem with me regarding their husbands. 

What is it? Well, all our husbands drink Kava.
[a cultural drink/polynesian] I won't go too much
into it, but you can google Kava Ceremonies. So
they usually will leave home at about 6 or 7 pm and 
return back home in the wee hours of the morning
say 4 or 5 am. maybe after 12 noon? 

Just last year, we had several problems where 
some of the Kava drinkers were having affairs 
with the girls serving the Kava drink at the 
ceremony and there were several visits to the 
bishop's offices and so forth. 
Well, the wives are secretly banding together to
do something about it and let our husbands know 
that enough is enough. Most of our hard earned
money is ending up going to the girls/ women
serving this muddy Kava drink, while the wives
are wondering where the paychecks are really 
going. Yes, this is pretty forward. But, I'm real
irritated about this whole thing and going to talk
about it anyway on here.

So he found out that we're writing letters that
to the prophet and voicing how much Kava is 
destroying our families. In Oregon right now 
they don't take away the temple recommends for
the men that drink Kava and that is what the 
letters are for. To plead with the prophet to 
set the rules they have in Tonga & SLC, to be 
the same here also. 
Yes, my dh is angry and shouldn't be after the  
problems we've been going through. But, these
wives need assurance that the right thing needs
to be done here. He's demanded that I not be 
involved in anything. From my point of view, 
I'm not going to say what I will do..mums the 
word here on

My prayers are with my fellow sisters out there
who are struggling with this adversity in their 
families. I know God hears your prayers and 
they will be answered. 
God Bless....MPuanani


Alicia said...

Oh my! I'll be praying that they can cut off what the enemy is trying to do here, and that is break up the marriages.

Puanani503 said...

that is so true, Alicia:)We've been praying for something to help our families. So I hope that this will reach the top and the orders will be given. lol.have a wonderful weekend!!

JamericanSpice said...

There are times when moving ahead is better than staying still, even when it is extremely painful and you can't see the outcome. However protecting your family is more important than hurt feelings.

I hope these men will realize the pain they are causing and get to refocusing their time and energy.

Be strong woman.

Puanani503 said...

Thanks, Jamerican Spice..So True.