Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Gym and Avatar Yesterday..

 This morning I got up early and cleaned house
knowing that I had to be at the 10:30 am Zumba
class on time. Kids ate breakfast and got their
morning showers, while I finished up the last of
my laundry to do. By the time we found a parking
and got the kids signed into Kids Club I was 
already 28 minutes late for the Zumba class & 
it was jam packed to the back. So I ended up doing
weights & then went to the treadmill and the 
eliptical machine to finish off my last 20 minutes
before I get the kids and head out to drop them
off at home with Mel, while I run to the church.
12:00pm- I'm meeting with a friend who wants to 
meet for lunch and talk about life insurance. 
12:30pm-3:10pm- Meet up with Lani and the 
girls to go watch Avatar at Lloyd Center. 
[we ended upbooking for the 3D movie at
3:10 pm] so we killed time at the mall waiting
and picking up the rest of the girls for YW, 
a total of 15 girls, our teacher, Mapa & us 
advisors. We should've gone shopping for 
our food supplies for The Youth Snow Trip
this Saturday but we weren't able to go with
So I was feeling really guilty the whole time
I was out & Lani could tell I was uneasy.
So she told me to just enjoy my one night out
& to let Mel bond with his own kids..lol.
yes, she's right.

6:00pm - We're finished watching Avatar & it
was a really fun activity night with all the girls. 
After the movies everyone was taking pictures and
rowdy just waiting for their parents to pick them
up or get dropped off. 

7:00pm- I get home to crying kids and apologize 
for being gone so long and dh is not so happy with
my day filled activities. But this is a first for me to 
be away from home & the kids this long.

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