Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wednesday Happenings

Here are the highlights for our Wednesday activites. 
My new goal for this is year is to post daily on 
our family activities. 

 Received a $25 Kroger gift card from MyBlogSpark to use
on an upcoming post. Stay tuned for that one!! That's
on my to do list for tomorrow morning:)

Got the rest of our AVON orders in and Nesi just couldn't
keep her hands off the Barbie Umbrella..hoi. So I told
her that she could hold it once and have a picture with it.

This is my Avon mess earlier today. Weeding out the old
brochures that didn't get out last month and getting
ready to bag up the orders for my customers. As you
notice, I have to have some music while organizing all
of this mess and then some. My kids couldn't help but
use my Avon boxes to help build their fort along with
my rice from our mini

We had mutual for the youth, choir practice and primary
all that the church tonight. So by the time we got home
the kids were starving and I just ended up nuking them
some chicken wings, baked fries and brownies as soon
as we got home. I know, it's a no no for my diet, but
rest assured I only had 3 of the chicken wings and I
steered clear of the brownies and fries.

Our dinner tonite after mutual and choir practice after
church at 8pm. Hot wings with Sargento Mozzarella
Shredded Cheese on top.It should've been with Salad
but I'll stock up on that in the morning.



u are one busy Lady!!! u go girl Handle that!!!

yonca said...

What cute pics! And your dinner looks..mmmmmm DELICIOUS!

Alicia said...

That's like me, I'll put together whatever is fast and easy!

Puanani503 said...

Thanks, Silia, Yonca and Alicia! Yes, fast and easy is my motto in the kitchen!!