Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 3 Food and Exercise Journal

Watch Lives Change

I forgot that I had a dental appt. this morning
at 9 am. So didn't mean to skip breakfast but
I don't think the dentist would've taken kindly
to any breakfast that would've ended up on him.

Breakfast: 0 

Lunch: 2 bottles of water & a cup of applesauce
it was Mott's Natural - not the sugar kind. 

Snack: 2 cups of boiled carrot slices. 

Dinner: Tomato Soup [Campbells] & 4 crushed
Ritz Crackers on top. 

Didn't make it to 24 hr. fitness for the Zumba 
class with my friends. So I walked on the
Treadmill for 45 minutes after 25 minutes of 
strength training. I will do the video in a little
bit after I figure how 2 use my Nikon Coolpix.


Pauni's said...

I love your food journal! Keep it up Maopa!!!! I bet you are seeing results already huh?

Puanani503 said...

lol..slowly but surely:):)I just put up my sign in the kitchen. kitchen is closed at 6pm!!