Monday, January 4, 2010

Daily Tasks for Today.

Tia, Baby Sione & Lei

Today was pretty kickback for us. I was
still trying to catch up on clipping my coupons
and finish up my posts on the new deals.
I was pretty excited to make buck eye desserts
after seeing the recipe on Go Graham Go!

Afterwards, I started finishing up on the agenda
for our Couponing group meeting tomorrow
night at the Stake Center from 6-8:30pm. This
one will be our first get together for the ladies
and it'll be really fun to get to know everyone
in the group. Yolanda will be doing a coupon
demonstration on what works for her and a little
on budgeting for your family. I thought that she
was a perfect candidate, since she's great with
her family's finances and has a BA in Accounting.

My camera batteries ran out on me, so I don't
have any pictures to post up with this. I'll update
it when I get the chance. We had family home
evening and the kids had their turn to speak
and they just expressed how much they love
everyone in the family, naming everyone from
grandpa to baby Sione..No activities as we were
running late on time and Loni had to be in bed
by 7pm. Tonite will be a first that they're all
asleep before 8pm. Nothing like peace and
quiet to help me think and speed up on my
work that needs to be done. Laundry, cleaning
the kitchen, finishing my coupon clipping and
organizing and what not..

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