Saturday, January 30, 2010

Stuck at Home for Days..


This picture describes what has happened to both
our cars, the only cars in our household. Last week
dh took my car and died out going to drink Kava  
with his buddies. [hmm, I think that was a sign]
So at the time, the problem was  
the battery. Ever since we had purchased it in 06'
we hadn't thought of buying a new battery until it  
just gave up last week. [idiots]

Then funny thing happened, dh's truck had the same
symptoms as well and died out yesterday on his way
up the hill to our house. So we looked up the best & 
most affordable batteries to purchase and stay within
our budget. [which isin't much]and not end up with a

Roger [our family friend] advised me that once we 
receive the new battery and install it to turn on the 
car and let it run, then unhook the left wire attached 
to the battery to see what happens. If the car dies a
fter the wire is removed then, it would be an alternat
or problem. It the wire is removed and the car keeps
running. Then we're good to go. 

We try it and guess what? Yup, you guessed right..
it died out on us..that was on our 97 Ford Expedition.
So next we decide to try it on my husband's truck, 
which is a 95 Dodge Ram..Yes, same thing happened.
Wow..both cars not working and I'm not able to run 
to the store to get any grocery shopping or catch up 
on the Quaker Deal at Albertsons..I'm already having   
Zumba withdrawals..missed 3 classes already & the kids
are crying because the soy milk is finished for their cereal.
What's a mom to do?

We called around to find out how much we'll be spend
ing to get two alternators and let's just say everything all
together is over a grand right now. I'd like to call a cab 
right now.. but we've got to scrape together everything  
we can to get these two cars going.

I found out I had extra Avon books sitting in the back
of my car that hadn't gotten passed out yet and are still
within the backorder time frame. So I went through ab
out 120 books and wrote my contact info. on each of
them, then walked across the street from our apartment
complex and started hanging them door to door. I'm so
glad because I wasn't being good on my diet today and 
needed to walk off the 2 pieces of caramel walnut 
brownies I consumed for lunch and half a single bag of
Ritz crackers..ouch.

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