Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happy Birthday, Ami!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AMI! Today my son turns 17:)
I didn't tell you he came down for the weekend with 
his sisters. I wanted to celebrate it with him on
Saturday since he had to go back to school this week
in Utah.  We baked a marble cake for him and made
Otai, while he was at a rugby tournament in Canby. 
I'll post up the recipe for the Otai in the Food Tab

My parents are giving him back to me and sent him
down with the court papers to sign, saying, that he
will be back in my custody again. They still have 
custody over my two daughters and will sometime 
give that back to me this year over the summer. 

My daughters took pictures and so I'll post them
when I get them. It was wonderful to have them 
visiting again. I bought Ami a small laptop/notebook
to use for school. I hope that will help him with his



Happy Birthday Ami you Handsome guy YOU!!! recipe for the marble cake please

Puanani503 said...'re funny, Silia:) I'll post them up on that page!!Love your website, Silia!!

Alicia said...

What a handsome young man!! I'm sure you had a great time with your kids!

What a blessing to have the children back with you! I bet they are excited!

Pauni's said...

Happy Birthday to your son!!! He is handsome! He looks like you! I see your features.