Friday, March 12, 2010

Journal Entry for Wed, March 10th & Thursday, March 11th

Thursday, 3/11:

Last night I woke up in the middle of the night with a fever.
It carried over to today and you'd think I was lying in bed
getting some rest, nope. I forgot to mention that I ended up
purchasing the digital slr camera I've been wanting yesterday.

I chickened out and couldn't buy the pricier one and ended
up spending $500 at Walmart for a Canon Rebel EOS XS
instead of the $500 Nikon D3000 I was coveting at Target.
why? I got to Target and they didn't open until 8 am and it
was only 7:30am, DH kept calling because he needed the
car to go, so I ran like a madman down the street to good
ol' Walmart and was hoping they would carry it there.
They didn't and the only one they had in stock was the one
that I ended up buying along with the 2 year warranty.
yikes what did I get myself into? I hope that I'll get great
pictures with this one. If not, I could always return and
get the Nikon. So, got home and tried to read all the
instructions as fast as I could and practice on it. My 5yo
was getting irritated real quick and started screaming at me
to stop taking her pictures because she's tired of smiling
and her heart. I told her, "mommy's got
to practice on her new camera, ok?" so she held up her
teddy bear and said to practice taking pictures of her
bear..sheesh I swear.

Loni is in a school play this evening and so I called my
dh to get over here by 5:45 pm to pick him up so that
he could go to Loni's play, since Loni is the "baker".
dh has never been to any of Loni's school activities or
parent teacher conference, so I think this would be a
great time to bond with his son. They get back and
he's just raving about how good Loni did his part and
I'm just glad that he finally got to go and see how his
son is doing in school! Too bad, Nesi and I are sick
or we would've gone as well.

Wednesday, March 10th:

I decided to take Loni and Nesi to the mall to watch
Percy Jackson and The Lightening Thief, right after Loni
got off the school bus. We got there and took pictures of
them by a Spongebob Candy Machine that was the size
of a car. Then spent $14 bucks on two drinks and a pop
corn, yikes. I did a silent scream, thinking I should've
brought some cheap snacks from home.The kids were
excited and so did I, I pulled out my camera and started
taking my shots of them, until they said,"no more, mom!"
The movie was awesome, the kids loved watching it.
They asked if we could come back to watch Alice in
Wonderland on Friday. We'll see about that one.


Kepa Faleta said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwww! How are you feeling???????? I'd text you right now, but I'm so forgetful and not sure where I put my phone, LOL. Well, I hope that you are feeling better. Before my husband left to work this morning, he allowed the kids to play games on the computer and I woke up to their fighting around me since the computer is right beside our bed, LOL, mani ee, so fkhela! Anyways, I chased them off and hopped on str8 to the blogs to check out whats new and I'm always looking forward to what's NEW on your blog since I haven't on mines, hehehe. I know the feeling when you have to rush after the hoa calls for the vehicle..LOL..I'm a slow driver so I have to come up with an excuse..anyways, I LOVE THE NEW CAMERA, the photos look great, your kids are so CUTE! LOL@Nesi to practice on teddy bear..hahahaha, that is too cute! I love how you get to take the kids out and treat them out, that's why I'm trying so hard with this company, I don't want to always wait for their Grandma (my mom) to take us out and not have to worry about Muli lecturing if I use money to spend on sucks! You inspire me and I'm going to make it happen, we all are, our team will! Did I tell you that Noa Falepapalangi joining next week to our team? THAT'S THE NEW UPDATE I wanted to share! Our team may be growing slowly, but as long as I know I have good, strong people to work together with like you and Rose and Sione, that's all that MATTERS to me! Love ya Maopa, sorry for long COMMENT BACK, LMBO! I love to write! LOL!


Alicia said...

Oh my gosh..I'm so jealous!!! You got your new camera!!!!!!! I still have to get mine!!!

Your kids are like mine. They get so tired of me taking their pictures. They'll hide their faces

Hope you feel better, friend!

Puanani503 said...

Thanks, Kepa and Alicia. I kept getting cold feet about getting the camera. But I took the leap and got it. I'm starting to figure it out today and like it..still wondering about how the Nikon D3000 would of been..neways..I can't wait to drop by and see what the latest is at your pages!! TGIF and may you both have a blessed weekend!!

Puanani503 said...

ALICIA!!! I can't wait until you get yours! it feels good to take decent pictures:)


how fun and the pictures are awesome too it pays to have a great camera for sure

Puanani503 said...

lol..I'm glad for that,Silia:) I just got tired of taking crappy pictures with my cell phone camera, then I moved up to the point and shoot, then I wanted the digital SLR.I think it's worth it definitely:)