Saturday, March 20, 2010

It's Spring Already!

We're so glad it's the first day of Spring. I'm still feeling
a bit tired from yesterday's festivities at our church last
night. Which I'll update you on my next post. I had plans
to do some house cleaning and do laundry all day. It's
been neglected since Monday and the laundry room is
full so it's got to be done today so tomorrow I can actu
ally rest and kick up my feet. I felt like baking a lemon
cake with cream cheese frosting for dessert. Didn't feel
like slaving over the stove today so I just tossed cut up
rib of lamb, turkey tails and chicken thights in lots of
barbecue sauce and baked it until tender, then had corn
on the cob as a side with plantains and cassava.

I told the little ones we can go outside and take pictures
of the city. Since we live high up and the view at night
is wonderful from where we're at. Plus I need some
exercise, I gained 5 lbs this week from cake testing and
then some..uggh..


Kepa & Muli 4-leta said...

Hey Maopa! Nice to see your last post. I took my exam again earlier today and failed =0(...I was surprised to step outside of the testing center and Roger was sitting outside waiting for me...and then the tears began to flow...LOL! Yup...was so busy w/ school exam and then failed again with this exam...this close to quitting, but I thought to myself, I'm so close, why stop now? I made it this far...I shouldn't quit...and with Roger's words of encouragement, I stopped my crying...LOL! And yes, first day of spring was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! The only thing is my 3 girls are all no church for us tomorrow...just wanted to see how you are doing and your talking about baking cake and all that is making me hungry, LOL! Ofa atu ka koe moe famili! TTYS!

Puanani503 said...'s your persistence and continual studying that will get you through this Kepa.I know that you can do it too! I hope your little ones will get better soon give them a hug for me and I hope to ttys as well! I'll stop by your page and visit! much ofas:)