Sunday, March 28, 2010

Picking Pine Cones and Looking for Deer

Nature Walk looking for Pine
Cones and Deer.

We decided to go out to the walking trail yes
terday to test out the camera there and catch 
some fresh air, pick some pine cones and look 
for deer and squirrels.

A view from where we're at looking down to
the city. 

Nesi started running to the edge and I told her
to stop and come back. 

Loni joining us, he asked if the mama deer and
the doe were going to be here again. I said, 
I wasn't sure and wasn't in the mood to run into
deers today. Not sure if they're even here in the 

Nesi got so excited seeing the dandelion and 
couldn't wait to blow it.

Nesi got her pinecones.

Afterwards we headed over to the playground
so they could play for a little bit before we head
home for dinner and sleep time. 

Nesi was so ahead of us and couldn't wait to 
get to the playground. 

Taking their turns on the swings
Loni trying out the monkey bars.

trying to go across by herself

only making it to the third bar with a laugh

Loni's turn as the moon is out, it's time to 
wrap up and head home. 

This was kinda creepy as we took it while walk
ing back home. But we had fun.

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