Monday, March 22, 2010

New Pages are Back.

I didn't realize I knocked off the pages tabs that go
under the header. So I now re-posted it back on  &
you can now see it at the very top of the page!

I'll post up the recipes I promised shortly. Thanks
for being patient!


Kepa & Muli 4-leta said...

Hey Maopa! I tried out the OTAI recipe, I SOOOO LOVE IT! I had Muli pick up the ingredients last night after he went to exercise at the gym. THANKS FOR THE OTAI RECIPE...I wanted to make otai for missionary dinner and remembered that you had a recipe and I wanted to try it out...Donna & I are so loving it, LOL, and so are the missionaries and Muli too...THANKS AGAIN!

Puanani503 said...

You're welcome, Kepa:) I'm glad that you tried it! That's a favorite in our household.