Monday, March 1, 2010

Random Monday Rambles...

It's been a couple of days since I've been on
here. The past two weeks have been busy
and I could only find between them to post
up on Luscious Deals.

So last week I finally filed our taxes online
through Tax Act and came out with some
positive numbers!! I'm really glad for that
because I've been wanting to get a bunk
bed for the little ones, since they're camping
out on the floor with tons of fluffy blankets.

When we moved from our previous home
last march, my husband took the king beds
out of the children's rooms to the dump
since there is no room in the apartment for
3 king beds. Another goal that I wanted to
happen is to open savings accounts for
each of the kids and invest in a digital SLR

I really like Nikon and Canon, but don't
know which is better out of the two. Any
tips? I'm currently snapping away with a
Nikon L100 point and shoot. So far, so
good. But, I'm secretly wishing like crazy
to get my hands on a crazy, I've
been waking up every morning thinking
about an SLR camera in my hands and
all the wonderful things that I could be
shooting and trying to find whatever info
I can on either brand.

The limit I am setting for myself is $2000.00
I'm willing to spend that amount for one.
But I'm seeing that people are getting
it for cheap on Ebay..will have to check
it out. That could be the better route.

The rest of it would be savings for a
rainy day:) I'm hoping to make money
on the side with photography..umm..
yeah, lets just say it's a new hobby.


Alicia said...

Hi friend!!

Yay on the tax refund!! My husband is getting ours done tomorrow!!

I did a post about SLR cameras and wanted peoples opinion on which one they recommend. It all came down to either a Canon or Nikon!

Puanani503 said...

oh wow!! Thanks for the advice, Alicia! I'll head over and read about it:):)